Calhoun Fellows


On July 1, 2017, Calhoun College was renamed Grace Hopper College. If you wish to view the Grace Hopper Website, please click here.

Calhoun Fellows are very interesting people who are associated with the college.  The following fellows have expressed interest in reaching out to students. If you are interested in speaking with one of them, please email Angela McCray about getting in contact with them.

James Andreassi

I am the Artistic Director of New Haven’s Elm Shakespeare Company. I’d be delighted to discuss Shakespeare, opportunities with the Company and the theatre in general, with any interested Hounies!

Rita Berkson

I have worked in the field of public health, health care administration and public policy for more than 30 years.  During the past 20 years in New Haven, I have been a consultant in organizational development for nonprofits, mostly in Connecticut, and served on various nonprofit boards. One of those board experiences was at Dwight Hall, where contact with undergraduates was the most satisfying part of the experience. My four grandchildren – ages 4, 6, 7 & 11 – add creativity and laughter to my life. I would be delighted to meet Calhoun students.

George Buchanan

I am an architect practicing at 90 Crown Street in the 9th Square of New Haven, concentrating my work on community development, multifamily housing, energy conservation, and building prefabrication. I am an old Yalie, from Yale college and Yale Architecture, and I taught in the Arch. school for 15 years+/-, I intend to keep working and designing for as long as possible and as long as it is fun. I also sing a lot and am a recent addition to the physically declining but sonorous Whiffs of the class of 1959. Just like my ‘work’, I intend to keep singing as long as I can, and it remains fun. Architecture, singing, sports, family, friends, and Yale activities all take up my time.

Neil Burger

I’m a director, writer and producer of film and television.  My work includes The Illusionist (with Edward Norton ‘91 and  Paul Giamatti ’89), Limitless (with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro), and most recently Divergent (with Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet). I live in New York City but spent my undergraduate years in Calhoun. I’d be happy to discuss anything and everything about filmmaking with interested Calhoun students.

Sharon Cappetta

I am interested in philanthropy and how it relates to the nonprofit community in Greater New Haven.  More specifically, I am interested in Women’s philanthropy and social change.

J. Philip Clark

Professional sales for 35+ years, mostly in the money management business. Co-founded Epoch Investment Partners, one of the fastest growing money management businesses, ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the Top 100 fastest growing businesses in the world. Taught professional sales at former firm-Sanford Bernstein and guest lecture each semester at Elon University’s Professional Sales program. Enjoy all sports, especially hockey. I am a history buff, love to travel and thoroughly enjoy public speaking.

Claire Criscuolo

I am a Registered Nurse, the co-founder of Claire’s Corner Copia, and the author of four cookbooks. So many students graduate without learning the skills and joys of cooking and baking and I think I can help change that - at least at Calhoun. In the late spring of 2011, thanks to the efforts by Head of College Holloway, I taught a three-part series on cooking and baking and would be happy to do that again in 2013. Thank you.

Margit A. Dahl

I have worked in the field of undergraduate admissions for 35 years, and am now Director of Admissions at Yale. I got into the field with no obviously training for it. I’d be happy to talk about admissions, working in a university setting, educational administration, etc. Outside of work I spend time hiking/walking/gardening/reading/serving on a Habitat board/throwing a ball forever and forever for our golden retriever.

Priscilla Dannies

Professor of Pharmacology and directed research on hormone action until recently. Now I teach and am a member of the Human Investigation Committee at Yale, and involved in community boards of Library Foundation, International Festival, and Fellowship Place.

Alex Demac, M.D.

I’m a psychiatrist in private practice with offices in Middlebury, CT and Manhattan. I am happy to meet with an undergraduate who’s interested in learning more about clinical psychiatry.

Suzanne Estelle-Holmer

I am involved at Yale in Near Eastern History and Cultures - both ancient and modern. Specifically, Palestinian history and culture, Arabic popular culture (especially music), the history of the Book, especially pre-modern, as well as the history of reading. I study Near Eastern literature and work with Hebrew and Arabic languages. I also love hiking, pilates and just generally moving. I am interested in food and cooking.

Martin Ewing

Currently (as retired Director of I.T. in Engineering with a background in physics and astronomy),  I am working with Electrical Engineering & software projects related to Amateur Radio and small-scale embedded computer systems. I will be pleased if there is an overlap with Calhoun students’ interests!

Patricia Sherwin Garland

I am the Senior Conservator of Paintings at the Yale University Art Gallery. I focus on the study and treatment of paintings from the 19th, 20th and 21st century. This includes understanding the material nature of the works of art, and the artist’s process. As an avocation, for the last three years, I have been a certified pet therapy team, with my Welsh Corgi, Dolly. We visit both Yale New Haven Hospital and CT Hospice on a weekly basis, as well as participate in additional programs, such as The Cove, for children in crisis.

Glenn H. Gregg

I am an architect practicing in New Haven as a partner in the firm of Gregg Wies & Gardner Architects.  Much of our work has been the renovation, restoration and adaptive re-use of existing buildings, many on the Yale campus.  Notable projects are the renovations to the Center for British Art, five projects at the Beinecke Library, the restoration of Yale Field, renovations to the Yale Bowl for the Special Olympics and the recent renovations and restoration to Mory’s. Current projects are at the new Yale West Campus for the Peabody Museum and the recently re-opened Long Wharf Theater. Our firm has designed new community Boathouse for the New Haven Harbor. In 1967, I received my M. Arch from the Yale School of Architecture.  I attended Texas A&M as an undegraduate.

I was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in 1999 and am a past President of the AIA/CT Chapter, a past President of the Yale Club of New Haven, a past Board member of the AYA, past Chair of the Yale Medal Selection Committee, past Chair of the AYA Assembly XXI.

My outside interests include a wide range of reading materials, sports (particularly baseball), travel (both educational and leisure), and enjoyment of my growing family. My wife Mona is the Program Co-ordinator of Women’s Health Research at Yale.  We have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren. 

Alfred E. Guy, Jr.

I direct the Writing Center and teach in the English department. I have a long running interest in high school teaching. I am a science fiction nerd.

Robert L. Hampel

I am an historian of education (with a focus on early 20th century US schools and colleges) who also writes on contemporary policy issues.  It IS possible to link past and present.  A career in the archives does not exclude historians from participation in current events; I’ve joined a school board, worked with the Governor’s adviser for education, evaluated school reform initiatives, and served as an Interim Dean.

Jack Healy

I am interested in community building, education reform, pathways to financial stability and a variety of human service issues.  I am also interested in the concept of leadership and what it means going forward.

William Scott Long

I started as a comparative physiologist interested in non-mammalian vertebrates, working not only here but also teaching and doing research in France and Denmark. During some of those years I worked extensively with undergraduates. After finishing my medical training about 20 years ago, I’ve cared for patients and their families as an attending physician at the Connecticut Hospice in Branford. I teach for the Yale Medical School and Yale’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, with short stints in Uganda and Latvia. Decades ago I wrote my senior essay on a 20th century French novelist. Those interests in reading and writing continue, but age requires I swim a lot more than I used to.

William B. McCullough, M.D.

Graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and then served as Assistant Pastor of Riverdale Presbyterian Church, New York, and Pastor of United Church of Van Nest in East Bronx. Then went to Columbia Medical School and became surgeon, in private practice in New Haven and Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at Yale. I Retired in 2006 and have been an Associate Fellow at Calhoun College since 1974.

Carl Porto

I have practiced law in New Haven since 1967. General practice with an emphasis on medical practices, (not malpractice but actually representing the physicians in their practices) land use & zoning & commercial transactions.

Aron D. Rose, M.D.

I am an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) who practices in New Haven. I spend most of my time treating patients and doing clinical research, and also enjoy teaching at the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. Every year I volunteer to work in the developing world, where I combine my love of travel with the satisfactions of practicing medicine.

Carol Frost Ross

I taught Latin and Greek for many years, primarily in secondary schools in Boston and in the New Haven area. I am involved, currently, as a volunteer for arts education, serving as Chair of the Board of the National Guild for Community Arts Education (a national organization based in NYC).

Paul Schultz

Economist (emeritus) whose research focuses on low income countries and the economic and demographic behavior of individuals and families, especially the productive opportunities of women.

Elizabeth “Betsy” Sledge

I have worked with student writing all my professional life: first as a secondary school teacher (public and private schools) and then as a college teacher and tutor. I’ve worked in both universities and small liberal arts colleges and have taught and tutored writing at Yale since 1979. My greatest extracurricular interest is dance (at one point I performed and taught modern dance); I also do volunteer work in the community, primarily serving on boards of non-profits. I was the first Associate Head of College of Calhoun for ten years and loved being an honorary ‘Hounie.

Bill Stempel

I’m a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator (Calhoun 1975) with a solo private practice in New Haven. For many years I worked in the Yale General Counsel’s Office, handling a broad range of matters including health care, intellectual property and technology transfer. My current law practice includes those areas as well as employment and miscellaneous corporate and business matters. My mediation practice focuses on employment and small business. My non-professional intellectual interests are wide and varied (as you would expect from a Yale grad) though inexpert (as you would also expect): politics, literature, philosophy, social psychology, popular culture, biomedical science, and others. My son Adam was Calhoun 2011.

Katharine Weber

I am the author of five novels and a memoir, and I have recently been appointed Richard L. Thomas Professor of Creative Writing at Kenyon College, where I will be teaching creative writing every spring term for the next five years. (I taught fiction writing at Yale for eight years.)  I am writing my sixth novel at the moment, about a paralyzed man and a monkey helper. More info here: I am also trustee of the musical legacy of my grandmother Kay Swift, and am working in a collaborative effort on a musical based on her life and work. More info here: