On July 1, 2017, Calhoun College was renamed Grace Hopper College. If you wish to view the Grace Hopper Website, please click here.

The Sustainability Service Corps is Yale’s group of students who help each residential college engage in more sustainable practices. 

Learn About Sustainability

Did you know that you can (and should) recycle your Solo cups?
Are you frightened of vampire power? You should be.

Use smart printing to save yourself paper, ink, and money!

Calhoun Projects

Single Stream Recycling Bins can be found in the Calhoun basement, entryways, common room, and dining hall. Recycle those SOLO cups!
The Eli Exchange Bins are found outside the Calhoun laundry room. Leave old clothes in them, or find new outfits!
Compost Bins in the dining hall are where you should put your old food and napkins. Waste is gross.
The Techno Waste Bin outside the dining hall (where campus publications are kept) is where you can sustainably dispose of your old batteries, cartridges, or digital devices.
Double Sided Printing saves paper and money for all of your printing needs. Save trees and your dollars!
Sustainable Buttery is implementing BYO(plate) policy and reducing paper plate waste to save money and trees. Power to buff chick wraps!