Music Practice Rooms


On July 1, 2017, Calhoun College was renamed Grace Hopper College. If you wish to view the Grace Hopper Website, please click here.

Calhoun has two soundproof music practice rooms in the basement level.  Room #64 has a Yamaha P22 studio upright.  Room #63 is larger and may be used individually or for small groups. It has a Kawai K200 studio upright.  If you are interested in using either of the practice rooms, please stop by the Head of College’s Office and request a key.

Student Manager: Lucy Tomasso

Lucy is a sophomore majoring in Theater Studies. Outside of being a member of the best residential college, Lucy sings soprano in Redhot & Blue and is in Groove Dance Company. She also is a tour guide and is heavily involved in the theatrical scene at Yale. Lucy looks forward to regaining the friendship of her suitemates now that she has an extra excuse to use the Calhoun practice rooms instead of practicing in her room at 2 am!