About Calhoun

Calhoun College was first established in 1933 and recently underwent a beautiful renovation to make it truly the best residential college at Yale. With 400 students, Calhoun is one of the smaller residential colleges, but don’t let that fool you. While its small size gives it a tight-knit community of “Hounies,” Calhoun’s central location and top-notch facilities definitely make it the place to be.

Calhoun’s basement has a wide array of facilities, including music practice rooms, a pottery studio, an art studio, a performance cabaret, fitness and weight rooms, and a new high-end digital media room (to name a few). Hounies can also often be found playing pool in the buttery, or cozying up with a good book in Calhoun’s own library. And Calhoun’s staff go above and beyond the line of duty to really make Calhoun special, from running extravagant Calhoun-only meals in the dining hall to throwing special events like HounFest or the Holiday Extravaganza.

But by far the best part of Calhoun is the people. A microcosm of Yale, Hounies are involved in everything Yale and New Haven have to offer. Whether leading service trips in New Haven, rocking Yale’s halls in music groups, or dominating out on the intramural fields, Hounies always find a way to keep themselves busy. But this doesn’t detract from Calhoun’s strong sense of community—for all four undergraduate years, Calhoun really is a home away from home. Hounies are fun, friendly, curious, and encouraging, and make a point of looking out for each other and working together to make Calhoun great. That description matches our Master and Dean as well; from knowing every Hounie by name and sponsoring great study breaks to subsidizing tickets to world-class shows and bringing in incredible guests for Master’s Teas, the Master and Dean form the backbone of Calhoun’s community. With so many great people, how can Calhoun not be the best college at Yale?

Glory to the Mother Houn!