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Roosevelt Thompson ’84 Naming Celebration

November 10, 2016

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, the Roosevelt L. Thompson ’84 Dining Hall in Calhoun College will be dedicated in memory of Roosevelt Levander “Rosey” Thompson. Head of College Julia Adams, along with Dean Jonathan Holloway and President Peter Salovey will join the family, classmates and teammates of Rosey’s as well as the entire Calhoun community to commemorate this special occasion. The naming of this space will be a reminder to the Yale community and the world of Rosey’s enthusiasm, optimism and commitment to service despite any and all obstacles.

20161110_Rosey _Sizzle_5-30 - from Penelope Price on Vimeo.

E Pluribus Hounum

Established in 1933, Calhoun College is one of Yale’s twelve residential colleges. The building, located on the corner of College and Elm Streets, was beautifully renovated in 2007. Calhoun’s over 400 undergraduate residents—or Hounies—are led by Professor Julia Adams, Head of College, and Dean April Ruiz.