Welcome to Calhoun College

E Pluribus Hounum

Established in 1933, Calhoun College is one of Yale’s twelve residential colleges. The building, located on the corner of College and Elm Streets, was beautifully renovated in 2007. Calhoun’s over 400 undergraduate residents—or Hounies—are led by Professor Julia Adams, Head of College, and Dean April Ruiz.

President Salovey discusses Calhoun decision in NYRB

President Salovey gives a high-profile interview – which can be found here – to the New York Review of Books, discussing the recent naming decisions and more.

Shades ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T ... In The Courtyard

Hounies react to naming decisions

As covered in the Yale Daily News, many Hounies and other students participated in a Calhoun renaming ceremony April 29, just outside the college. The ceremony underlined the continuing liminality of the current moment by ceremonially withdrawing the Calhoun name and rechristening the college as “the college formerly known as Calhoun.” 

Yale announces naming decisions

On Wednesday, April 27, University President Peter Salovey announced long-awaited decisions on the names of the two new residential colleges, the naming of Calhoun College and the title of residential college master. See the News’ full coverage here.